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Dharma Messages

Read dharma messages by retired minister Rev. Hoshu Y. Matsubayashi from the New York Kokoro, our monthly newsletter.

January 2013 "Aloha" with the Nembutsu

January 2012 A Happy New Year in Gratitude
February 2012 Nirvana in Football
April 2012 Hana Matsuri - Flower Festival
May 2012 Shinran's Way to Become Buddhas
June 2012 From Three Characteristics to Nirvana in the Buddha-Dharma
July 2012 Obon: Reflection on Motherhood, "Ofukuro-san yo! Ofukuro-san..."
September 2012 Let's Attend Buddhist Service - To Find One's Direction & Goal
October 2012 Let's Attend Buddhist Service - II
November 2012 Eitaikyo - Perpetual Memorial Service
December 2012 Enlightment in the Eastern Religion

January 2011 Best Wishes for a Beautiful and Happy New Year
February 2011 Nirvana With A Residue & Nirvana Without A Residue
March 2011 Spring Ohigan - Paramita Day
April 2011 Hana Matsuri - Flower Festival
May 2011 Shinran Shonin (1173-1262) ABC Cards
June 2011 Commencement Ceremony and "Ojo"
July 2011 Global Obon, It's Festival Day!
September 2011 "KISB: The Poetry of Shinran Shonin" - Shinran’s Equation Theory
October 2011 A Global Religion - Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
November 2011 Two Wonderful Ladies of Shinran's Family - Eshinni-ko and Kakushinni-ko
December 2011 Shinran's Tears of Joy and Sorrow - To Attain the State of Enlightenment

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