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331-332 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10025
Phone: 212-678-0305
Fax: 212-662-4502

New York Buddhist Church  is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the sangha to operate on a day-to-day basis. Please consider supporting the temple by taking out an annual membership and/or making a consistent monthly donation. 

Your donations are much appreciated at any time. However, committed membership helps support the temple on an ongoing basis and provides financial support for the temple’s operations and mission. 

Although our services are open to all, membership is required for certain special events such Kieshiki (Buddhist name-giving confirmation ceremony), scholarship awards, voting in annual meetings, etc. A portion of your membership dues also go to support our national organization, the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). 


Membership in the New York Buddhist Church is open to all. The Temple offers fellowship, religious services, classes, retreats and various other functions.

There are also additional benefits of membership in the temple:

·        The monthly Temple newsletter "Kokoro"

·        The monthly BCA newsletter "The Wheel of Dharma"

·        All Temple reports, including the Annual Report upon request.

·        “The Teachings of the Buddha” and free beginners level classes.

·        Discounts to special events, classes, seminars and retreats.

·        Eligibility for various scholarships and limited financial assistance for attending religious retreats, seminars and classes at the local, district and national level.

·        Eligibility to serve on the New York Buddhist Church Board (after two continuous years of membership) or its affiliated organizations.

·        Eligibility to vote in all Temple elections, including voting privileges at the annual Sokai Membership meeting.

·        Priority for using the Temple facilities and special rates for facility usage.


The membership dues for our temple is one of the lowest in BCA.  However, the current rates are as follows: $250 for individual members, $500 for families. This is the minimum donation, which may be given in two, four or monthly payments (please discuss with Membership Chair or Treasurer).

 *Please see attached pdf of membership form.

Of this membership fee, a portion is given to the BCA to maintain the National organization. A portion is submitted to our Eastern States District. Therefore, we have much less left for the running of the temple. As a result, we must rely upon our members' donations throughout the year. White envelopes are enclosed in our temple's newsletter for the major services (Eitaikyo, Hoonko, Obon, etc.) as donations are usually given during these services. All these contributions are used to keep the temple running.

At present, we are also trying to raise funds for continued building renovation. *(These pledges are in addition to the membership dues – see Fund for the Future brochure link on Home Page)


Along with the giving of material goods, giving of labor and love for the temple also is encouraged. The unselfish concern for the welfare of the temple and community is taught from an early age.

Cleaning the temple building and grounds, setting up or putting away chairs, distributing Service Books, helping with bulletins or volunteering to help with events, among other tasks, can help us acquire this unselfish concern.

To become a member, download and complete the following form, or fill out an application after service (available in English and Japanese). Payment may be made in one lump sum, twice yearly or quarterly. It is your generosity that ensures our continuance.

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