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NYBC 2020 CALENDAR of Events


Photo is of Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Memorial August 2011 

**Please note: 

The New York Buddhist Church is beginning to plan how best to reopen its doors to religious and other activities. Although we are eager to welcome you back to the temple for in-person services, our foremost concern is the safety and wellbeing of our Sangha, community of friends and neighbors, and members of the general public. 

We would like you to know that we are beginning the planning process for a limited, phased reopening and ask for your understanding and patience as we work through this process. New protocols will include the need to limit the numbers of people who will be able to enter the building, new sanitation and cleaning processes, ensuring appropriate social distancing, and other health and safety precautions.  We will keep you informed about the progress of our planning and the expected schedule of a phased re-opening.  For any emergencies, contact NYBC at (212) 678-0305. 


July 1, Wed.

7-8 pm: Chanting and Meditation *(Contact for Zoom invitation)

July 2, Thurs. Independence Day

7-8:30pm: Howakai (Study Group in Japanese) (Contact for Zoom invitation)

July 5, Sun.

11:30am: LIVESTREAM: Shotsuki Hoyo Monthly Memorial Service

1pm: Religious Education Dept. meeting

July 10, Wed.

7-8 pm: Chanting and Meditation *(as 7/1)

July 11, Sat.

10-11:30 Dharma Study Class with Rev Earl Ikeda *(as 7/1)

July 12, Sun.

11:30am: LIVESTREAM: Hatsubon/Obon Service and Rev. Hozen Seki Memorial Service

July 15, Wed.

7-8 pm: Chanting and Meditation *(as 7/1)

July 17, Fri

2-4 pm (EST): EBL Virtual Lecture: Rev Dr Mark Unno “Dharmakaya The Body of Great Compassion” (must pre-register at

July 18, Sat.

10-11:30 Dharma Study Class with Rev Earl Ikeda

July 19, Sun.

11:30am: LIVESTREAM: Regular Sunday Service, Speaker: Rev Earl Ikeda

1:30pm: Board of Trustees meeting

July 22, Wed.

7-8 pm: Chanting and Meditation (Contact for Zoom invitation)

July 24, Fri

3-5pm (EST): EBL Virtual Lecture: Rev. Blayne Higa “It’s OK to Not Be OK: Buddhist Wisdom for Living” (must pre-register at

July 25, Sat

10-11:30 Dharma Study Class with Rev Earl Ikeda (Contact for Zoom invitation)

July 26, Sun.

11:30am: LIVESTREAM: Regular Sunday Service 

July 29, Wed.

7-8 pm: Chanting and Meditation (Contact for Zoom invitation)



Aug. 2, Sun. Livestream service:

11am: Hiroshima & Nagasaki Memorial Service

11:30am: Shotsuki Hoyo

Aug. 5-Sept. 4

Summer Break - Church closed

PLEASE NOTE: On Sunday August 9, 16, 23, and September 6 we will be replaying Sunday Services at 11:30 am on our YouTube Channel. Please enjoy watching these services, chant along, and stay safe!

After our break, we will resume livestream services on September 13th. Much gratitude to Rev Earl and the NYBC technical team for facilitating these services. And thanks to all of you, our sangha, for joining services, and making our efforts worthwhile!

***FYI: during the "break" our hardworking volunteerTechnical Director will be installing new equipment to make our livestreaming and recording of services and lectures better (we've been using his equipment to now!) If you would like to support this by making a donation, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your dana to NYBC!!!

 A Virtual Obon, “Obon in your Living Room”: AUGUST 15 at 6 pm hosted by BCA (Buddhist Churches of America)

Obon instructors from BCA temples will be sharing their dances and BCA sangha members will zoom in from all over the country. Come join in and enjoy Obon songs and dancing with our nationwide Sangha! To register go to or call 510-809-1460

BCA SUMMER PROGRAMS: Center for Buddhist Education Seminars Online For All

Looking to the Future of American Buddhism: Lectures and Discussions on August 1 with Dr. Scott Mitchell (Dean of Students and Faculty Affairs Institute of Buddhist Studies) and on August 8 with Dr. Funie Hsu (Assistant Professor of American Studies San Jose State University)

Higashi Honganji and Nishi Hongwanji: History and Thought with Rev. Ken Yamada (Editor, Shinshu Center of America) on August 22

There is no registration fee but donations are gratefully accepted. Contact CBE by email or phone: 510.809.1460