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Summer of 2020: On the worldwide web and everywhere YOU are!  The Eastern District Council and the NYBC co-sponsored a series of talks by some great Shin Buddhist teachers as a virtual dharma gathering for our district temples and friends. Enjoy these insightful and meaningful talks.  

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Prof. Mark Blum, Professor and Shinjo Ito Distinguished Chair in Japanese Studies, University of California at Berkeley, CA. 
Prof. Blum published his translation of the Nirvana Sutra (Vol I) in 2013. In researching Vol II, he found certain aspects to be of interest, which he shared with us in his talk, titled: “Buddhist Reverberations of Forgiveness: Shinran and the Nirvana Sutra Tale of Ajatasatru”. 

"I cannot prove this, but I am personally convinced that Shinran had some sort of awakening when he read or learned of this story. This reminds us that the second most quoted sutra in Shinran's writings after the Larger Sukhavativyuha is the Nirvana Sutra and that this story takes up more than 40% of the Faith chapter in the Kyogyoshinsho.”





Rev. Dr. Mark Unno,  Professor of East Asian Buddhism, Department Head Religious Studies, University of Oregon, shared his insights on the topic of:

"Dharmakaya: The Body of Great Compassion"

“Through facing and becoming aware of suffering within ourselves, we come to an embodied awareness of suffering. Deepening this awareness leads to the embodied realization of boundless compassion”.




Rev. Blayne Higa, Resident Minister, Kona Honganji Buddhist Temple, Hilo, shared his thoughts about our spiritual journey, exploring how

“It's Ok to Not Be Ok: Shin Buddhist Wisdom for Living” 

“Exploring how Shin Buddhist spirituality can offer ways of understanding our imperfect lives and help us cultivate greater compassion and resilience in times of difficulty”. 




Sand Mandala of Buddha Amitayus 


In March of 2014, a group of Tibetan monks from Drepung Gomang Monastery created a very special sand mandala of the Buddha Amitayus, the Buddha of Longevity at the New York Buddhist Church. This time lapse video presents the creation and dissolution of the mandala. Music by Philip Glass used by permission, Dunvagen Music, Inc.  Bows of appreciation to Eric Mendlow for his kind assistance in initiating this event, to Tenzin Gelek of Trace Foundation for translations, and to so many others for your support of this event.




SUNDAY SERVICES recorded from our Sunday livestream service

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