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2017 Calendar of Events



Dec. 13

7-8:30pm: Chanting and Meditation 

Dec. 17, Sun.

11:00 am Short Combined Service

1pm: End-of-Year Cleaning

1:00 pm: Childrens Taiko, 2 pm Adult taiko 

Dec. 20, Weds. 

7-8:30pm: Chanting and Meditation 

Dec.24, Sun.

          10:30am: Japanese Service, Speaker: Rev Earl Ikeda

11:30am: English Service, Speaker: Rev. Earl Ikeda 

Dec. 27, Wed.

7-8:30pm: Chanting and Meditation 

Dec. 31, Sun.

10:30am: Japanese Service 

11:30am: English Service, Speaker Rev Earl Ikeda 

7-9:00 pm Joya-e New Year's Eve Service




Jan. 1 Mon.  11:30 Shosho-e New Year's Day Service, Speaker: Rev Earl Ikeda 

                    1:00 pm New Years Day Potluck Lunch, Kakizome, Brush Painting and Hyakunnin-Isshu 

Jan. 3, Weds.  7-8:30 pm: Chanting and Meditation

Jan. 4, Thurs. 7-8:30 pm: Howakai Japanese Study Group

Jan. 6, Sat.  10:-11:30 am: Dharma Gathering and Study Class

                   2:30-4:00 pm: American Buddhist Study Center Program

Jan. 7, Sun.  11:30 am: Shotsuki Hoyo Service

                    1 pm: Religious Education Dep't. meeting

                     1-2pm: Childrens Taiko,  2-3 pm: Adult Taiko

Jan. 10, Weds. 7-8:30 pm: Chanting and Meditation

Jan. 14, Sun. 10:30-11 am: Meditation (in annex)

                    10:30am:  Japanese Service

                    11:30 am: English Service

                      1-2pm: Children's Taiko, 2-3pm: Adult Taiko

Jan. 17, Weds. 7-8:30 pm: Chanting and Meditation

Jan. 20, Sat. 12:30-2 pm: Ukulele Class and Strumming Circle

Jan. 21, Sun. 10:30-11 am: Meditation (in annex)

                     11:30 am: Ho-onko Service (Shinran Shonin Memorial) 

                     1 pm: Buddhist Women's Association New Year's Luncheon

                     1 pm: Adult Buddhist Association meeting

Jan. 24, Weds.  7-8:30pm: Chanting and Meditation

Jan. 28, Sun. 10:30 am: Meditation (in annex)

                    10:30 am: Japanese Service

                    11:30 am: English Service

                      1 pm: Annual SOKAI (Membership) Meeting