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Special Events

Dec. 19-20, Mochitsuki

Dec. 31, Wed., Joya-e (New Year's Eve) Service from 7-9pm, with speaker Rev. Earl Ikeda; soba noodles will be served.

Jan. 1, Thu., Gantan-e (New Year's Day) Service from 11:30am with speaker Rev. Earl Ikeda, followed by New Year's Day Potluck Lunch, Kakizome, Brush Painting, and Hyakunin-Isshu from 1pm

Jan. 25, Sun., Combined Service at 11:30am followed by Annual Sokai (Membership) meeting at 1pm.

Greetings from the NYBC Sangha

The sangha members of the New York Buddhist Church welcome you to join us in hearing, learning and practicing the Buddha-Dharma.

The New York Buddhist Church (NYBC) is a temple of Jodoshinshu True Pure Land School Buddhism, whose head temple is Nishi-Hongwanji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Shinran Shonin (1173-1262) is the founder of this school of Buddhism.

The NYBC has been serving the New York community since 1938, and was founded by Rev. Hozen Seki with the assistance of his wife, Satomi, and concerned lay people. They all wished to share the Buddha-Dharma in America's most populous city, which then had no center for Jodoshinshu Buddhism. Their wishes have flourished as today we continue to share the Buddha-Dharma here in New York.

May the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha touch your heart so that you may be awakened to the world of True Dharma with Nembutsu.
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